== Overview ==

VoxelTextures is loaded with a whole ton of texture pack and server region-based customizations. Some of the features VoxelTextures are:

  • Custom language files per-texture pack. Allows texturepacks to contain custom item names for re-skinned items.
  • Texture pack switcher added to in-game pause screen to allow switching texturepacks without needing to disconnect from server.
  • Automatic texturepack switching by server region. Allows servers to easily coordinate multiple texture packs at once.
  • Automatic texturepack downloading by sever region. Whenever players enter regions that they lack the texture pack for, they will automatically download it. The server will also send automatic updates of the texture packs to the client. Automatically downloaded texturepacks will appear in your texture packs menu so they can be used anywhere.
  • Custom time settings per server region. Allows servers to specify regions that are always day or always night.
  • Server region descriptions. Display some text at the top of the screen saying what region the player is currently in.
  • Server region welcome messages. Wake-up Mr. Freeman, Half-Life style welcome messages will appear to players that have just entered a new server region.
  • Custom mob spawner particles and mob per server region. I recommend HugeExplosion.
  • Surprisingly enough, there is nothing to configure client-side.

I want these features on my server! Edit

Visit the VoxelModPackPlugin bukkit page for instructions on taking advantage of the raw power of VoxelTextures on your server.

VoxelTime Edit

VoxelTime lets you change the time client side by pressing the numpad "+" and "-" keys. Pressing the "end" key will freeze the sun and moon so that they stay still client-side. Pressing the "Backspace" key will resync the sun and moon with the server. You can change the keys used by VoxelTime by entering your Options>Controls menu. VoxelTime is included within VoxelTextures rather than being a stand-alone mod to avoid conflicting with VoxelTextures "always day" and "always night" settings for regions which also control the client-side time.

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