Overview Edit

VoxelFlight is an epic method to allow players to soar through the sky.

  • Press "F" to toggle fly mode.
  • Press the "Q" and "E" buttons to descend and ascend while in fly mode.
  • Press and hold the "Left Shift" key to activate a speed boost both in and out fly mode.
  • For even more speed while flying, double-tap forward the sprint on top of your speed boost.
  • Controls and speed modifiers can be changed by pressing F7 to bring up the VoxelFlight GUI whilst in-game

Cinematic Flying Edit

  • Press "C" while in fly mode to toggle cinematic flying.
  • While cinematic flying is active, pressing forward will cause the user to fly directly towards whatever the center of the screen is pointing at. Therefore, looking up will cause the user to fly up while looking down will cause the user to fly down.

Noclip Edit

  • In single-player or on servers that have the VoxelModPackPlugin enabled, VoxelFlight will unlock noclip mode.
  • Press "N" while in fly mode to enable noclip mode.
  • In noclip mode, the user can freely fly though all blocks.
  • Turning off flight will also temporarily turn off noclip mode as one would just fall through the floor otherwise.
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