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2013-06-20 23.40

Traveler's Paving Stone

Please note this has not been implemented in any modpacks that are still on 1.4.7

The Traveler's Paving Stone enhances movement speed and jump height while living entity is moving on it

The Traveler's Paving Stone has speed properties similar to that of the Boots of the Traveller, but it doesn't enable you to move up one block without jumping.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

You have managed to infuse a block of quartz with elemental earth. Anyone walking over this paving stone will have their load lightened and gain a spring to their step.


The Traveller's Paving Stone requires 1 Chiseled Quartz Block, 1 Earth Shard, and 1 Arcane Building Block in an Infusion Altar with 100 vis. It also takes 8 Solum, 8 Volito, 16 Motus, and 8 Saxum in a Crucible.

Thaumonomicon Recipe Picture
Infusion Altar Recipe for Paving Stone

Traveler's Paving Stone - Infusion Altar Recipe