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Grid Stone
Name Stone
Transparency 0
Luminance 0
Storage 0
Tools 00
Stackable 64
{{{extra1}}} From Vanilla Minrcraft

A vanilla block found in the ground. Mine it with a silk touch pickaxe of any type or the Rock Cutter to get stone without a furnace. Otherwise, use the furnace to smelt Cobblestone to make stone. Stone is used in many vanilla and mod recipes, and is one of the most basic blocks in Minecraft, as it constitutes the majority of solid blocks. Stone is found naturally 4-6 blocks under Dirt, the sides of mountains, and in caves. Most ores use stone as the base texture, because that is where most ores are found. Stone has a grey texture, and is one of the most abundant resources in the game. Some modded ores do not follow the vanilla stone texture, and are easily detected by players.

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