Spellbinding Cloth research completed.

Spellbinding Cloth[edit | edit source]

"You've had enough with gambling on the Enchantment Table, and you seem to be figuring out a cloth that will allow you to remove those poor and unwanted enchantments."

Research [edit | edit source]

Research:   Pannus (wool), Permutatio (eggs or seeds), 

Praecantatio (Chiseled Sandstone, Greatwood, Silverwood).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Thaumonomicon entry:

"By mixing some Enchanted Fabric with raw Enchantment power, you created a cloth that can be rubbed on an item to wipe it of it's enchantments by combining them in a Crafting Recipe." 

recipe: spellbinding cloth.

Crafted in an Infusion Altar with a nearby crucible.  

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