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A small steam locomotive. Part of Traincraft. Max speed: 60km/h


Small steam train, default blue variant

Water and fuelEdit

Fuels duration (each tick has one chance over four to reduce fuel by one):

  • sticks = 200;
  • coal = 800;
  • lava bucket = 1000;
  • sapling = 200;
  • blaze rod= 2000;
  • Coalfuel cells = 1400
  • Coal Coke = 1400

Internal water storage: 5 buckets, each buckets equals 10 water units which make a total of 50 water units inside the tank

How to useEdit

Right click on it to get in, then press R to show up the GUI

Steam train instructions 2-01

Steam locomotives need two things, a fuel source and water so fuel it with:

  • Any furnace fuel in the first slot,
  • Water buckets / IC2 water cells in the second slot
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