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A '''Semifluid Generator''' is a new power generating machine in IC2 experimental. It generates EU from various liquids.
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Iron Item Casing|B1=Universal Fluid Cell|C1=Iron Item Casing
|A2=Universal Fluid Cell|B2=Geothermal Generator|C2=Universal Fluid Cell
|A3=Iron Item Casing|B3=Universal Fluid Cell|C3=Iron Item Casing
|Output=Semifluid Generator (IndustrialCraft2)}}
==Power Generation==
{| class="article-table"
! Fluid
! EU Generated
| Oil
| 15992
| Fuel
| 127968
| Biofuel
| 31984
The semifluid generator has become the most efficient way to produce EU from fuel, with slightly more than twice the efficiency of the old Magma Crucible -> Geothermal Generator standard.

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