Rubber Tree Sapling
Rubber Tree Sapling
Name Rubber Tree Sapling
Data Value 626
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
A Rubber Sapling is an IC2 Tree Sapling which will grow into a Rubber Tree, which is one of the most essential IndustrialCraft 2. It is easily recognized by the Sticky Resin on its trunk, which is Compressed into Rubber . It's wood serves the same purposes as vanilla wood, with the exception that 1 Rubberwood Log yields 3 Rubberwood Planks. The Sapling can be gained by breaking Rubber Tree Leaves. It can only be planted on Dirt.

Like most saplings, Bonemeal can be used to instantly grow the Sapling.

The Rubber Tree (IC2) is not to be confused with the RedPower 2 one, which has different uses.

Rubber Tree Sapling

Rubber Tree Sapling


Rubber Extractor

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Rubber Sapling

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