Redwood saplings drop from and are planted to create
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Redwood Tree

redwood trees

This tree is quite massive dwarfing all other trees.

This tree can measure 16x16 blocks at the bottom with a height of 140 or more blocks from the base.

Redwood Tree AttributesEdit

  • You need to place 7x7 saplings together to grow the tree.
  • The tree's need to be placed with no obstructions for 6 blocks.
  • Bonemeal does work on them.
  • The grow roots up to 10 blocks below the tree destroying and converting blocks at random to redwood root blocks. Note this will destroy player created items.
  • The tree grows beyond the initial 7x7 block to encompass around 10x10 in size. Similarly blocks in this area are converted to redwood bark blocks.
  • The tree can block light up to 20 blocks out, which affects solar power collection.
  • The tooltip says it can take days to grow, but the tree can sometimes grow in just 1 day.
  • The uneven trunk and numerous branches allow for plenty of dark places for monsters to spawn or be protected during the day. This can result in monsters dropping from the tree to get you mid-day.
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