Project Table
Project Table Block
Name Project Table
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 750:3
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Project Table, from RedPower 2, is a mix between a Crafting Table and a Chest. You can put the items into the crafting grid; and when you leave the table, the items don't get thrown out.

You can also store a crafting recipe in a Plan by laying out the recipe on the grid, placing a Blank Plan in the slot to the left, and then clicking the button below the plans, which will write the recipe to the plans. Once you have a recipe plan, you can remove the items from the crafting grid and ghost items will appear in their place, allowing you to not need to reserve ingredients in the grid. Recipe plans can also be removed from the table and stored or inserted into another table.

The project table also has 18 slots at the bottom of the GUI where you can put more items in. When you craft a new item, the project table tries first to take the items from the 18 bottom-slots. If there are no items that are needed to craft, the items are taken from the crafting grid.

Items can be piped into the project table, however actual crafting is not automatic. The Project Table is not an automatic Crafting Table and it will never be (from the official wiki).


Crafting GUI.png


Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank


Crafting Table



Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Project Table


Crafting a Map with paper to expand the map on a Project Table will cause a game crash. Note that doing the same on a normal crafting table or Autocrafting Table works fine.

A minor graphical bug currently exists between Not Enough Items and Project Tables where clicking the button next to a NEI recipe does not transcribe the recipe to a Project Table correctly, shifting all the items a cell to the left (probably because of the Plans grid slot). This seems to be fixed in the FTB Ultimate Pack.

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