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The Portal Gun Mod, created by iChun, adds various elements of the popular computer games Portal and Portal 2 to Minecraft. As is made obvious by the mod's name, the Portal Gun is the showcase item added. In addition to creating portals, the gun's 'grip' feature, used in Portal to move various in-game objects, can be used to pick up and place most blocks without breaking them. This allows for transport of mob spawners and Forestry beehives, a very useful feature if you do not want to or cannot use Support Frames for some reason.

The portals created by the gun function virtually identically to those in Portal, allowing instant transport from one to the other. A portal requires a two-block surface to spawn in, and can be placed on both vertical and horizontal planes. A portal will load the chunk that it is in, a useful feature if your server has chunk loaders disabled. All entities, including items, experience, and even falling block entities,(sand, gravel, Primed TNT,

Based on the ending of Portal 2, when the portal gun is used to suck the malevolent AI core Wheatley into space, the Minecraft portal gun can create what is essentially a black hole. By firing one portal while aiming at the moon graphic in the night sky, then placing the other somewhere in the world, the portal will begin to suck everything around it, with the exception of the two blocks it is on, into the portal. *If a player is sucked into one of these portals, they will be spawned at the top of the world (directly above the portal) and be instantly killed. Items in your inventory are destroyed. Sometimes a player can pass through the portal and be lucky enough to live to fall to their death. Most instances result in an instant death.


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