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Default Portal Gun
Grid Portal Gun.png
Name Default Portal Gun
Type Tool
Stackable No
Data Value dec.13457
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod

The Jeyyna

allows for the transportation and manipulation of the world. However, it should be used carefully if you don't want to end up where you meant to send someone else. If you keep traveling through the same two portals without stops, you will die of fall damage. Portal Guns can also be found in dungeon chests. It is possible to change how often they are found, and where they are found in the portal gun mod config. The config folder can be found in .Minecraft inside %app data% in Roaming. Or the Minecraft folder on a mac.


To use the portal gun, left click on or towards a surface of your preffered location to create a portal (this can be fired from a large distance), then right click on/towards a surface at your current location (or wherever you want the portals to link) to create another portal, you can then pass through either of these portals to get to the linked location. Entities can freely move through the portals. To dispel the portal, press the R key. You can zoom in by pressing the middle mouse button (this 'key' can be changed in the config file). Pressing G at a block will pick up the block, and it will become an entity while you are holding it, you are able to move it anywhere, and anyone else with a portal gun can also carry the same block you're carrying. You will need Ender dust to use the Portal Gun.

If you shoot a portal on the moon and another portal anywhere else in the world, blocks and entities will be sucked into the portal and will die. If you are sucked into it while in creative, you will appear at y=400. Note of warning: going to the moon will destroy your stuff! They only way to survive is to wear a full set of Quantum Armour, leaving you with 1/2 a heart, as you fall from y=400 right above the portal you were sucked in.

After firing the portal gun a few hundred times or creating a portal gun in the spawn chunks, there is a chance that a cake with a torch on top will spawn in front of the portal. It can however not be broken and will disappear once the portal is removed. You can also walk straight through it. The cake will keep appearing every time you create a portal. (This should work with any Portal Gun) The cake is a reference to the achievement "The Lie," acquired when you first craft a cake. The achievement is a reference to the video game Portal, which started the meme: "The cake is a lie."

There is a glitch that occurs when teleporting quicksand between two upwards facing portals that makes the quicksand go higher and higher with each teleport.

Note: you cant teleport through dimensions.


Portal Gun[]

Basic Recipe used in FTB Beta Pack A:





Miniature Black Hole






Atlas Portal Gun[]

This gun shoots a light-blue portal on left click and a purple portal on right-click.


Portal Gun

Light Blue Dye

Atlas Portal Gun

P-Body Portal Gun[]

This gun shoots a yellow portal on the left click and a red portal on right-click.


Portal Gun

Rose Red

P-Body Portal Gun

Bacon Gun (old)[]

This gun shoots a weak blue on the left click and a weak purple on right-click.


Portal Gun

Raw Porkchop

Bacon Gun

Potato Gun[]

Formerly known as the Bacon Gun, the Potato Gun shoots two custom coloured portals that can be configured in the Portal Gun Mod settings file.


Portal Gun


Bacon Portal Gun


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