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Petrogen is a mod that adds a Petroleum Generator to the game. This generator will produce EU directly from BuildCraft Fuel or Oil, which can be either pumped in with BuildCraft Waterproof Pipes, or manually deposited using containers. Biofuel or any other forestry fuel does not work with this.  When installed with Traincraft, this mod will enable a processing chain to convert the Oil Sands and Crude Oil Ore from Traincraft into Buildcraft oil.

A Bucket of Oil will produce 30,000 EU at 10 EU/t and a Bucket of Fuel will produce 300,000 EU at 25 EU/t. 

Traincraft Processing Chain[]

The process for converting Traincraft Oil Sands and Crude Oil Ore is somewhat expensive and work intenisive. The conversion rate is 10x sands or 5x ore, plus work, giving one bucket of oil. Once a bucket of oil is created, it can be used inside the Petroleum Generator to produce EU.

Step 1: Macerate ores into Bituminous Sludge (2x sands for 1 sludge, 1x ore for 1 sludge)

Step 2: Craft 5x Bituminous Sludge and 1x Empty Bucket to get 1x Bituminous Sludge Bucket (shapeless recipe, non-reversible)

Step 3: Extract 1x Bituminous Sludge Bucket into 1x Oil Bucket.


Example of GUI