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The Modular Powersuits mod allows the player to build customizable armor with different abilities, such as Flying, Faster Digging, Faster Sprint etc. In order to use any of these, you must first make a Power Armor Tinker Table (without one, they are dead weight). Using a Tinker Table, you can modify each piece of Modular Powersuits. They are:

Each piece allows you to use different abilities, which are made in the Tinker Table, using items added by the mod. Modular Powersuits Items can be charged using Charge Pads linked to IC2 EU, or directly putting them in an IC2 EU Storage Device, such as an MFSU, an MFE, or even a BatBox. Note: To switch between Power Tool Modules, such as the Blink Drive, or the Plasma Cannon, Shift-Scroll until you reach the right one.

Some players consider this armor to be over powered.  The armor with full diamond plating on it gives you nearly unlimited protection.  Without Greg Tech recipes, is it more expensive, requiring just gold nuggets, and iron ingots and redstone mainly.  The upgrades require some other things, but in comparison to Greg Tech recipes, they are inexpensive.  Without Greg Tech, most players consider it over powered because it is MUCH easier to obtain than Quantum armor, and provides even more protection to the player than the more expensive Quantum armor.

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