Grid Miner
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (IndustrialCraft)
Stackable Yes (64)
Current LV (32 EU/t)
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

The Miner is a machine from IndustrialCraft² that searches for ores in either a 5x5 or 9x9 area with itself in the center. It then drills straight down and extracts only the ores (and the blocks in the way of the ores). Unlike the Buildcraft Quarry, it does not remove all of the stone in a given area, only that which is needed to access the ores.


The Miner requires Mining Pipes, as well as a Mining Drill or a Diamond Drill (but NOT an Advanced Diamond Drill), as well as an OD Scanner or OV Scanner (technically not required, but unless you want to dig a hole straight down, it is recommended.) The Miner needs a Pump with Empty Cells to continue without getting stopped by lava or water. You need to attach a chest to the Miner for the items to collect.

Once provided an LV current of EU, the miner will consume the pipes to dig down and extract ore it finds in its scan range.

Any ore found will be brought up and ejected onto the surface next to the miner. Placing a chest next to the miner will result in the ore being stored in the chest instead.

Once the miner has finished you can retract the pipes by removing the Mining Drill or Diamond Drill. Also you may place blocks (Dirt etc.) in the pipe slot to fill in the shaft when it retracts.

Do note the effects of different tools in the Miner:

  • A normal Mining Drill is more efficient than a Diamond Drill, but drills far slower.
  • A Diamond Drill drills much faster than the normal Mining Drill at the expense of more energy. (The Diamond Drill can also mine Obsidian.)
  • A silk touch enchantment on the drill is ignored.
  • The OD Scanner will allow the Miner to check a 5x5 area for ores.
  • The OV Scanner will allow the Miner to check a 9x9 area for ores at the expense of more energy.

An easy method of efficiently mining with the Miner is to dig down to the upper level of the strata containing the ore you are seeking. Dig through a tunnel until you find a scan result you are happy with and set up the Miner. For power, consider using a Geothermal Generator, as you are likely to be relatively deep and hauling buckets of Lava as an energy efficient means to power the Miner.


Crafting GUI.png

Electronic Circuit

Machine Block

Mining Pipe

Mining Pipe

Electronic Circuit


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