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MineFactory Reloaded or MFR, for short, is a mod that pre-dates a lot of other Minecraft mods. Originally called MineFactory, it was created for MC 1.4 (possibly 1.3) beta. Then, got renamed to MineFactory Reloaded around the 1.6 beta time. Most MFR machines run off EU (Industrial Craft) or MJ (Buildcraft). The aim of MineFactory Reloaded is to replace a large number of tasks that would previously have been difficult, boring, or work-intensive. These include; Plant Farming, Animal Farming and Block/Item Processing. Most MFR machines can be turned on and off with a redstone signal (if there is no signal it stays on).

MFR is currently being maintained by Team CoFH and the official websit can be found here

  • Tools:

-Precision Sledgehammer

-Safari Net (Single Use)

-Safari Net (Re-Usable)

-Jailer's Safari Net

-Safari Net Launcher

-Healing Syringe

-Growth Hormone Syringe

-Zombie Syringe

  • Machines:




-Bio Reactor

-BioFuel Generator

-Block Breaker




-Deep Storage Unit



-Grinder (MFR)


-Lava Fabricator


-Oil Fabricator



-Sewage Collector

-Sludge Boiler

-Veterinary Station

-Weather Collector


  • Item/Liquid Transport:

-Conveyor Belt -Item Collector

-Item Router -Liquid Router -Ejector

  • Decorative:

-Stained Glass

-Stained Glass Pane

-Road -Road Light

-Road Light (Inverted)

-Ice (Unmelting)

Rails: -Cargo Pickup Rail -Cargo Dropoff Rail -Passenger Pickup Rail -Passenger Dropoff Rail

Items/Ingredients: -Rubber Bar -Raw Plastic -Plastic Sheets -Factory Machine Block -Industrial Fertilizer -Empty Syringe -Ceramic Dye -Blank Record -Range Upgrades (MFR)

Liquids:  -Milk -Sludge -Sewage -Monster Essence


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