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Magma Crucible
Magma Crucible.png
Name Magma Crucible
Type Machine
Tool Grid Crescent Hammer.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 2002:4
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

A machine which uses BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules) or ThermalExpansion Energy (RedstoneFlux) to melt things into liquid, such as enderpearls, redstone, glowstone.  This Thermal Expansion machine typically uses quite a bit of energy. It mainly serves to make lava an abundant resource. It uses up to 30 MJ/t.

Since magmatic engines convert 1000mB to 17900MJ, continuous energy production can only be sustained with Netherrack, converting 1 netherrack to 5900MJ.


Recipe List[]

Input Output Quantity (mB) Cost (MJ)
Cobblestone Lava 1000 24000
Smooth Stone Lava 1000 24000
Obsidian Lava 1000 24000
Netherrack Lava 1000 12000
Redstone Molten Redstone 25 1200
Ender Pearl Molten Ender 250 2400

Notes: before TE v2.0.7 (FTB BETA A pack uses 2.0.5) the Redstone recipe was 1000 MJ for 50mB; with that version is was changed to 1500 MJ per 50 mB; the recipe shown is from v2.1.5 onwards. Molten Ender was added in TE v2.2.0


  • The left side of the interface indicates power storage.
    • Redstone Flux can now be used to power the Magma Crucible, and is used in the lower left slot
  • The center-left slot is for the input item for cooking. Traditionally placing a bucket in this slot would also extract a bucketful of liquid, but this no longer is the case.
  • The center-right shows the cooking progress on the current item. This process is faster when more energy is provided to the crucible.
  • The right side shows output storage. Up to 10,000 milliBuckets (10 buckets) can be stored in the crucible itself before it needs to be emptied to make room for more.

Video Tutorials[]


Magma Crucible (Thermal Expansion) - Minecraft Mod Tutorial