ME Assembler Chamber Large

Large Chamber

One of the ME network's more advanced functions is the ability to craft items for you. One of the ways to do so is to build an ME automated assembler chamber. This requires a connection to an ME network and a few different types of blocks.

You will need:

You will want:

To create an assembler chamber, you will need at least a 3x3x3 space available. The corners and outside edges need to be the containment walls and the sides need to be composed of heat vents. The center needs to be filled with a mix of Pattern Providers and Crafting CPU's.

The chamber can be any size, but it must be square or rectangular. Start off by creating a box frame from the containment walls. Then fill in every side except one with the heat vents and fill in the center with pattern providers and crafting CPUs. Finally, fill in the last remaining side with heat vents. If done correctly, the entire mess will converge into the ME Assembler multi-block. Right-clicking it will give you an interface in which to place all of your automated crafting recipes.

The assembler chamber will only accept recipes which can be made using a standard crafting bench. Each pattern provider within the machine will grant you 54 spots to put crafting recipes in. Each CPU will add one crafting operation per three ticks, meaning batch crafting or items with sub-crafting (crafting that takes multiple crafted items to craft) will be done much faster.

You may move or destroy the machine safely by simply removing any one of the blocks in the machine. The recipes will stay in the pattern provider blocks within the machine. Currently the assembler chamber will only handle one crafting recipe at a time, though they do queue. The GUI allows you to visually see what crafting recipes are contained within it by holding sneak (the Shift key by default)

ME Assembler Chamber GUI


ME Automated Assembler Chamber Frame

Chamber Frame

ME Automated Assembler Chamber Shell

Chamber Shell

ME Assembler Chamber Center

Chamber Center

ME Assembler Chamber GUI2

Visual GUI

ME Assembler Chamber Small

Finished Chamber

ME Assembler Chamber Destroyed

Half-Removed Chamber

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