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Type Fluid
Physics Partially
Transparency Yes
Luminance Yes, 15
Blast Resistance 0 (Flowing)

500 (Still)

Tool Bucket
Renewable Yes (with Magma Crucible)
Stackable Yes (64)
Speed of fluid movement 1/30 m/tick
Speed of walking through Very Slow
Data Value Flowing Lava

dec: 10 hex: A Still Lava dec: 11 hex: B

Source Mod Vanilla
 Lava is a liquid block which can be gathered by Buildcraft Pumps or a bucket, and can only be placed by a bucket. It damages players and mobs, and sets them on fire. It can also set flammable objects within four blocks on fire. A player wearing Nano Armor or Quantum Armor will not take damage. Any items dropped into Lava will be destroyed, so dying in Lava will make a player lose all of his/her items. Lava can be pumped in to Waterproofed Pipes/Liquiducts , which then can be stored in Tanks, processed by a Combustion /Magmatic Engine to make MJ , or turned into Lava Buckets for use in an Industrial Centrifuge . Many players use Lava Buckets to make Lava Cells , which can power Geothermal /Thermal Generators to produce EU. Lava Buckets can also be used as fuel in Furnaces , or to fuel a Turtle . If Lava makes contact with Water, it will either make Cobblestone,Obsidian, or Smooth Stone.

To pump Lava, one should use Buildcraft Pumps, and then output them into tanks. A common practice is to pump into Ender Tanks, which allows remote pumping into a storage base. This idea is sometimes even extended to the Nether, as Ender Tanks do allow for Inter-Dimensional Storage, and that the Nether has almost infinite Lava. Remember to put a World Anchor down though! The Lava outputed in the storage base has many uses, from making MJ power to power a Quarry , Lava Cells to make EU via Thermal Generators, or a suprise flood attack on friends. Another option is to use a Tesseract .

Lava also has another use: Infinite Cobblestone Generators! One option is to use an Igneous Extruder. Another way to generate stone is with a vanilla Stone Generator.

Video TutorialsEdit

This video shows you how to obtain large amounts of lava for magmatic engines, and geothermal generators.

How To Use The Pump Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep

How To Use The Pump Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 12 (DuhWynning)-0

Video made By DuhWynning


  This video shows  you how to use lava to create unlimited power.

FTB Unlimited Power Source Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep

FTB Unlimited Power Source Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 7 (DuhWynning)-0

Video Made by DuhWynning

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