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Implosion Compressor
An example Implosion Compressor setup. Notice the 32 EU/t power supply entering through the top.
Name Implosion Compressor
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod GregTech

The Implosion Compressor is a multi-block machine consisting of Implosion Compressor block, Standard Machine Casing, and Reinforced Machine Casing blocks.


The implosion compressor needs up to 32 EU per tick to operate, any more will make it EXPLODE. It is used to compress some of the harder materials like Iridium Alloy Ingots. An implosion compressor needs Industrial TNT and energy to operate. It creates Dark Ashes or Slag as a by-product.

Large amounts of Industrial TNT accordingly require large amounts of Sand, Flint and Gunpowder. While the first two are easy enough to acquire via Macerating Cobble and Gravel respectively, you may consider investigating Soul Shards or Bees to supply your Gunpowdery needs.

The Implosion Compressor has an internal storage of approx. 10K EU.



Advanced Alloy

Electronic Circuit

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Machine Block


Advanced Machine Block

Advanced Alloy

Electronic Circuit

Advanced Alloy

Implosion Compressor

The raw materials that are needed are:

NB.This recipe has many variations, which can be mixed and matched. The alternative crafting methods are described below:

Standard Item Alternative Item

Advanced Machine Block 

Steel Machine Hull roght
Electronic Circuits Iron OR Gate, Redstone Golden Chipset, Autarchic Gate, Medium Circuit Board, Iron AND Gate, and Golden Electron Tubes
Grid Basic Circuits.gif


This machine needs to stand on Reinforced Machine Casings and Standard Machine Casings.

The player will need 8 Standard Machine Casings and 18 Reinforced Machine Casings, disposed in a hollow 3x3x3 cube.

  • The first layer consist of 4 Standard Machine Casings in the corners, and of Reinforced Machine Casings filling the rest of the square.
  • The second layer is entirely made of Reinforced Machine Casings, without one in the center.
  • The third layer is exactly like the first.


  • SEVERE: if you try to connect an ME Storage Bus to the side of the machine it will corrupt your world. This can be fixed by opening the world in MCEdit and deleting the Storage Bus. [Confirmed for FTB Ultimate, online server.]

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