Hoe of Growth
Grid Hoe of Growth
Type Tool
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3
The Hoe of Growth is a Thaumcraft item with some special effects:

When used, it tills a 3x3 area around where you clicked.

When you right click a growable block (Sapling, Seeds) it applies an effect similar to Bonemeal, instantly growing it up to its last stage of growth, at cost of durability.

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Hoe of Growth. Item, Dropped and Effect.

It can grow plants normal bonemeal can't, such as Silverwood Trees. However it cannot currently grow flax.

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Hoe of Growth

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Hoe of Growth

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Hoe of Growth

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

By merging the magical energy from a Wand of Exchange with a thaumium hoe, you have created a farming implement with few equals.

When used to till fields, it will till a 3x3 area instead of a single block. When used to crops or other plants, it will act as bonemeal to promote its growth, though at a higher cost to its durability. It might even be able to grow plants that normal bonemeal can't.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal hoe.

Recipe Edit

You must research a Wand of Equal Trade before being able to research a Hoe of Growth.

You must research the aspects Herba, Instrumentum, Messis and Victus to achieve the Theory.

Made in an Infusion Altar with a Thaumium Hoe and a Wand of Equal Trade.

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