Item Grafter

The Grafter (default texture pack)

The Grafter is a Tool from the Forestry mod that provides a 100% drop rate on any tree that has been analyzed with a Treealyzer or previously collected from Pollinated Leaves - Instead of the usual 2-5% drop rate. It is the most effective way to gain a large amount of special Forestry saplings

The only drawback of the grafter is that it has a low durablity and the fact that it appears that the last use of a grafter before it breaks does not guarantee the 100% drop - May be a bug. But this is balanced with the ease and small expense of making it along side the benifits of using one.

Enchanting a Thaumium Grafter with Repair is a viable option to normal grafters as it will have virtually infinite durability.


The Grafter is crafted with 2 sticks and one bronze in a diagonal line.

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