Grid Fuel
Type Liquid
Physics Yes
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance  ?
Tool Pump
Stackable No
Source Mod Buildcraft 3

Fuel is the refined version of Oil and is produced by putting Oil into a Refinery. It is highly recommended to do so as it is significantly more efficient than oil when burned in a Combustion Engine, and Oil is converted to Fuel in a 1:1 ratio. It will produce 6 MJ /t in a Combustion Engine. Fuel must be transported in Waterproof Pipes.


The main use for Fuel is to power Combustion Engines, which in turn can power many BuildCraft Machines. Fuel is very efficient, creating 6 MJ/t, the most out of any possible fuel. Though, when using Fuel, one must be very careful about the Combustion Engine's heat level. 

A Fuel Bucket can be inserted in the Industrial Centrifuge with 3 empty Fuel Cans to create 3 filled Fuel Cans which produce 100,000 EU each in a Generator, or 384,000 EU in a Diesel Generator. This takes 25 seconds in the Centrifuge and requires 2,500 EU. This is an easy way to convert Oil/Fuel into EU. (does not seem to work in the current Mindcrack build)

A very efficient way to convert Fuel into EU is to power a Combustion Engine and then convert that via a Energy Bridge. This way the 600k MJ /bucket get converted into 1'458'600 EU /bucket. Of course there are some losses if you do it with Energy Conduits

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This video shows you how to make Fuel and how to control you combustion engines.
Learning How to Use Fuel With Combustion Engines Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep

Learning How to Use Fuel With Combustion Engines Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 5 (DuhWynning)-2

Video made by DuhWynning

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