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Factorization is a mod that aims to add machines to process ore and craft materials. More recently, a charge system has been added, which is used to power many of the machines in this mod.

There are four main uses for this mod:

  • Utility items such as the pocket crafting table and barrels. The Pocket Crafting Table is an item that allows you to have a 3x3 crafting grid you carry around, and barrels can store 64 stacks of a single item type.
  • The ore processing system which ultimately allows you to triple your ores.
  • The crafting system which is more complicated than Autocrafting Tables but can be ultimately more flexible. It also provides the Packager, a handy way of compressing blocks for storage.
  • The wrath system which allows you access to machines such as the router (which evenly distributes items between inventories), upgrades such as the extra-dimensional storage upgrade (which allows you to store up to 1024 stacks in a barrel) and the wrath lamp (which allows you to light up much larger areas than a normal light source).

First Tools & Machines[]

Machine Components[]

Electric Charge[]

Ore Processing Machines[]

Ore Processing Notes[]


Minecraft Factorization mod Ore processing-0

Factorization mod: Ore processing demo

The basic ore processing method in Factorization is:

  1. Put Ore into a Grinder or Lacerator to produce Dirty Ore Gravel.
  2. Put Dirty Ore Gravel into a Mixer (with buckets of water) to produce Clean Ore Chunks. This processes Dirty Ore Gravel faster than a Grinder or Lacerator can produce it.
  3. Put Clean Ore Chunks into a Slag Furnace to produce Reduced Metal Chunks. About 2,3 Slag Furnaces are needed to keep up with one grinder or lacerator.
  4. Put Reduced Metal Chunks into a Crystallizer to get Crystallized Metals. (takes 20 minutes per cycle) About 80 Crystallizers are needed to keep up with 1 Grinder/Lacerator.

Each step gives you about a 40% boost in your metal output, if you stop and smelt what you've got at that point. If you go through the whole process you end up with about 300% of what you started with, on average.



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