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This is a list of community FTB servers. Please be courteous to others and do not delete items and add your server at the end of the list. This is the ONLY page on which it is acceptable to advertise your FTB server on this Wiki. Your server listing will be deleted if it is inappropriate, does not comply with style guidelines, or runs something other than a Classic Feed The Beast modpack.

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Server Name Modpack Public? IP Brief Description
Mine Your Mind Ultimate Open ultimate.mineyourmind.de Website dedicated server, custom grief protection, active admins, friendly community
SerendipityMC Ultimate Open ultimate.serendipitymc.com SerendipityMC - Ultimate Fully dedicated server, active staff, no lag, patched items.
Mine-Plays EU Ultimate Open Mine-Plays.eu Website Forums NEWNEWNEW Server Start 06.12.2013 Dedicated Server, Location Germany, Aktive Staff Team, Patched Items, Money, Shop System, VIP Ranks and much more!
Blocklander Ultimate Open ultimate.blocklander.com Website First Minecraft professional server, hosted by IT technicians and system administrators.
ScoutCraft Mindcrack Open mindcrack.scoutcraft.co Website A great server that's almost never empty. Donation Ranks, Donate for items, 3 voting links, 24/7 uptime, Rich community, Mature staff
Urban Gamers Ultimate Open mc.urbangamers.net Forums A great server, almost always online, friendly Multi-Game Community
FloppyCraft Infinity Open play.floppycraft.com Online 24/7 Friendly staff great community.
Highcastle Infinity Open highcastlemc.servegame.com:25566 FTB Infinity survival server. Staff play legit and are friendly. Great community. ----NEED STAFF-------