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A Photo Taken with ExtrabiomesXL biomes in a Mystcraft world.

ExtrabiomesXL is a mod that adds 28 new biomes to the Minecraft world generation, providing for greater terrain variety. In addition, it includes a variety of new blocks and items.

Important Note: There is one important downside to increasing the variety of biomes: standard ("vanilla") Minecraft biomes become that much harder to find. Having to travel several thousand meters from Spawn to find a Desert, Swamp, Jungle or other standard biome is not uncommon. This concern is not merely aesthetic, since vanilla biomes are required for certain generated structures (e.g. Desert Pyramids, Jungle Temples); resources (e.g. Rubber Trees, Indigo Flowers, Cacti); and mechanics (e.g. Bee Breeding). The extent to which ExtraBiomesXL accounts for this is unclear---while Cacti do spawn in Mountain Desert biomes, for example, this editor has rarely seen a Desert Pyramid in a non-vanilla Desert biome.

Disabling biomes on an individual basis is possible in the ExtraBiomesXL config file (many are disabled by default in the Ultimate pack, but other modpacks enable all of them). This will increase the frequency of vanilla biome generation, while also reducing the frequency of certain over-represented or redundant features (e.g. icy biomes).

Needless to say, this is only effective before generating the world.

Installing this mod will by default cause NPC villages to spawn in every biome in Minecraft. However, villages tend to spawn more often in flatter regions of the biomes -- when a village generates in Extreme Hills Biome, it will not usually generate on the side of a cliff.


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