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Extra Bees by Binnie is an addon to SirSengir's Forestry Mod that adds 72 new species of bee and 37 new honeycombs. It also adds several machines to manipulate and sort your bees.


  • Bee storage & miscellaneous
  • Bee trait modification (All machines requires MJ to work)
    • Acclimatiser (Bee biome modification: Temperature & Humidity)
    • Genepool (Create resource: DNA)
    • Isolator (Produce: <charged> serum vial)
    • Replicator (Duplicate: <charged> serum vial)
    • Synthesizer (Fill: <charged> serum vial | Require: DNA)
    • Purifier (Improve quality: <charged> serum vial | Require: DNA)
    • Inoculator (Implant the trait: <charged> serum vial into bees)
  • Bee species transformation (All machines requires MJ to work)
    • Sequencer (Make a bee species 'recipe')
    • Splicer (Implant bee species into bee)

Alveary Blocks[]

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The 3 original frames are described here. Extra Bees adds 5 other frames.