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 Electrolyzed water cells are a method of extending the capcity of storing block that store IC2 EU. They work with electrolyzer or industrial version from Gregtech . In order to store EU, the electrolyzer must be placed next to an energy storage unit (Batbox, MFE, MFSU, etc.) that is over 70% full. However, better storage units will more efficiently charge water cells. For industrial electrolyzer , that need to have 128 constant EU , that means at least a MFE.

Once cells have been electrolyzed, they become Electrolyzed Water Cells. If the power level of the storage unit falls below 70%, any electrolyzed water cells in the electrolyzer will be discharged to restore power to the storage unit. This is not 100% effective with fully charged cells, but if charging is stopped before a cell is fully charged, there is no loss. Higher level storage unit will Have a higher operation rate and efficiency .

To discharge them , place them in an electrolyzer . If the energy level of the storage unit is lower than 25%, the machine will start to convert the cells back into EU and create normal water cells .

They are capable of absorbing 20000 EU. However, they lose 6000 with batbox , 4000 with MFE ,2000 with MFSU EU in the process, only giving off left over EU.

Note: They do not function as RE-Batteries, they are only capable of discharging in an electrolyzer adjacent to an energy storage unit.

For industrial electrolyzer to make Electrolyzed water cells, it needs 16384 EU per operation. However, it cannot discharge Electrolyzed water cells back into power.

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