Depleted Isotope Cell
Depleted Isotope Cell
Name Depleted Isotope Cell
Type Cell
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

Depleted Isotope Cell is one of cells added in IndustrialCraft2. It is created from a Near-Depleted Uranium Cell, and can be used to create a Re-Enriched Uranium Cell.


Depleted Isotope Cells are crafted by combining a Near-Depleted Uranium Cell with Coal Dust in a crafting grid.

Crafting GUI.png

Near-Depleted Uranium Cell

Coal Dust

Depleted Isotope Cell


Placing a depleted isotope cell next to a regular uranium cell in a Nuclear Reactor will recharge it over time, eventually resulting in a Re-Enriched Uranium Cell. The speed at which it re-enriches is dependant on the heat of the reactor, with more heat allowing faster enrichment. It takes a lot of planning or monitoring to make sure that the reactor is hot enough to efficiently transform the cell, without it getting too hot, which can cause it to explode or damage the surrounding environment. Due to this, it is advised to use a Thermal Monitor [For more information on monitoring heat, see the Nuclear Control mod]

However, it is entirely possible in industrialcraft 3 to create a breeding reactor that does not heat up, nor does it require monitoring and will still yield 6 re-enriched cells per 2 uranium cell used.

MK1 EA reactor.

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