The Cropanalyzer is used to scan Seed Bags dropped from harvested Crops.

To open the interface, right-click with the Cropnalyzer. In the GUI, put the Seed Bag in the upper left slot and a charged RE BatteryLapPack, or Energy Crystal in the upper right slot.

Scanning SeedsEdit

It takes four scans to fully identify a Seed Bag. 

Scan OneEdit

The first scan will only show the name of the plant.

Scan TwoEdit

The second scan will show the plant's Tier (which ranges from 1-8) and who "discovered" the plant. For Vanilla Minecraft plants, the discoverer will be Notch. For other plants it will be the nickname of the developer who added it to IndustrialCraft.

Scan ThreeEdit

The third scan will show the keywords of the plant. Cross Breeding uses keywords to an extent to determine which new plants to grow, however Tier closeness also plays an important role.

Scan FourEdit

The fourth, and final scan, will show the Growth, Gain, and Resistance (GGR) scores for that Seed Bag. The GGR scores are independent for each Seed Bag.

The first three scans don't require much energy, but the fourth scan uses much more and will completely drain an RE Battery. Additional scans will not provide any additional information and will not use any additional energy.

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