Grid Coffee
Type IC2 Agriculture
Blast Resistance  ?
Stackable No
Source Mod IndustrialCraft 2

Coffee is a consumable item added by the IndustrialCraft 2 mod. It grants Speed, which increases your walking/running speed, and Haste, which allows you to mine faster. At extreme dosages, it can also add Nausea, which makes vision blurred, not unlike entering a Portal. At super-extreme dosages, you will get Instant Damage VI, dealing 6 hearts of damage.

Coffee, unlike Rum and Beer, does not need to be brewed. Instead, it is crafted. When coffee is drunk, it will give several effects, their severity depending on how many cups were previously drunk.* Cold Coffee is Not effected by how many Cups are drunk, but that means the effects will not stack either.

  • Cups previously drunk means the amount of cups drunk without all of the effects wearing off.
Cups Speed Haste- Nausea (Dark Coffee) Nausea(Coffee)


1 0:15 0:15 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 + 1:00 + 1:00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
3 + 1:00 + 1:00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
4 + 1:00 + 1:00 0:10 N/A N/A N/A
5 + 1:00 + 1:00 0:20 N/A 6 Hearts N/A
6 + 1:00 + 1:00 0:30 0:10 10+ Hearts N/A
7+ + 1:00 + 1:00 0:30 0:20 10+ Hearts 6 Hearts

The amount of damage taken is reduced by armor, so a full set of Quantum Armor would allow a player to receive a lot of Speed and Haste...

Eating a Terra Wart stops Nausea.


Cold Coffee**Edit

Dark CoffeeEdit


    • There are two ways of getting the Coffee
  1. The most common and "mainstream" way is to IC2 Cross-Breed until you receive a Coffee Plant. Harvesting this plant will yield Coffee Beans, which, when centrifuged , yield 3 Coffee Powder.
  1. Another way to gain Coffee Powder is to Cross-Breed Bees until a Caffeine Bee is yielded. It will also yield some Coffee Combs , which when Macerated, become Coffee Powder.

Both of these ways take time, and require patience.

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