Cinnabar Ore
Cinnabar Ore (GregTech)
Name Cinnabar Ore
Type Ore
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 703:7
Source Mod GregTech
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Cinnabar Ore is an ore added by GregTech. Cinnabar Ore is found in the Nether in small deposits. When broken, it produces two Cinnabar Dust and one Redstone. If processed in a Macerator, it will yield 3 Cinnabar Dust, and if processed in an Industrial Grinder, it will yield 5 Cinnabar Dust and some other products. Cinnabar Dust is used to obtain Mercury Cells and Sulfur Dust in an Industrial Electrolyzer.


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MachineGUI Macerator.png

Cinnabar Ore (GregTech)

Cinnabar Dust


Industrial Grinder.png
Water Cell
Cinnabar Ore (GregTech)
Cinnabar Dust
Tiny Pile of Redstone Dust
Tiny Pile of Glowstone Dust

Empty Cell

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