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ChickenChunks is a mod that is a part of Chickenbone's Mods. It introduces one new type of block, the Chunk Loader. This block allows you to keep chunks loaded in memory constantly, much like Railcraft's World Anchor. In addition, it is much more configurable than its contemporaries, as it has a GUI to configure the chunk loading. It also chunk loads for free, unlike the World Anchor which requires ender pearls.

Once open, the GUI can be used to configure the loading radius and the shape of chunks to be loaded. You can also visually see the chunks being loaded by pressing the 'Show Lasers' button. In addition, the Chunk Loader is owned locally by the crafting player, so the block cannot be configured by anyone except the owner of the block.


The single block added by ChickenChunks, the Chunk Loader.


The GUI of the Chunk Loader.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Crafting GUI.png

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Ender Pearl

Gold Ingot

Enchantment Table

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Chunk Loader

Video TutorialsEdit

This is a full Tutorial on the ChickenChucks Chunk Loader. Current video has been deleted from youtube.

How To Use The Chunk Loaders Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep

How To Use The Chunk Loaders Feed The Beast Tutorial - Ep. 15 (DuhWynning)

Video Made by DuhWynning

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