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Booze Barrel
Type IC2 Agriculture
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance None
Blast Resistance ?
Tool 32px
Stackable Yes, 64
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

A booze barrel placed on a scaffold.

The Booze Barrel is a block in IC2 which allows you to brew Rum and Beer, by placing the required materials inside it, by right-clicking. These materials include Water Cells , Hops , Wheat and Sugar Cane . As soon as all needed ingredients are placed, fermentation will begin. Note that unlike most IC2 blocks, there is no GUI. This makes it hard for some players to brew these items.

Placing a Booze Barrel requires a Scaffold to be made first, then the Booze Barrel to be placed on it. It cannot be placed without a Scaffold.

In order to brew Rum, Sugar Cane should be placed into the Booze Barrel. The most possible to be placed in a Barrel at one time is 32, or half a stack. Then it will begin to ferment. At any time, one can stop fermentation using a Treetap. An Electric Treetap will not work. The Treetap is not consumed. Once fermentation is stopped, a sap-like resin texture will be on the side the Treetap was used. In order to retrieve the Rum, one must use a Stone Mug on the Barrel. The received Rum will have side effects. If Rum is retrieved from the same "batch" of Rum, the effects will be the same, making it useful for distinguishing the good from the bad.

Brewing Beer takes a little more patience, as Hops can only be accquired from IC2 Cross-Breeding. As each brew of beer varies on each ratio, here is a quick chart to display different ratios.

Beer Brewing Ratios
Hops + Wheat : Water Cells First Word Hops:Wheat Second Word FermentationTime(Hours) Third Word
Greater than 2:1 Black Stuff* Greater than 4:1 Black Stuff* 0 - 1.9 Brew
2:1 Thick 4:1 Black 2 - 3.9 Youngster
3:2 Strong 3:1 Full 4 - 11.9 Beer
1:1 N/A** 2:1 Dark 12 - 23.9 Ale
2:3 Lite 1:1 N/A** 24 + DragonBlood***
1:2 Slodge 1:2 White
Less than 1:2 Watery 1:3 Alchohol-Free
1:4 or less Soup

The Combination of these three words will be the name of the Beer you get.

Each Beer Name can give different effects. They include:

  • Strength I-IV - The player can deal more damage.
  • Resistance - The player does not take as much damage.
  • Fire Resistance - The player is not hurt by fire
  • Mining Fatigue - The player breaks blocks slower
  • Nausea - The player cannot see properly, much like the animation when entering a Nether Portal .
  • Blindness - The player has very limited sight; everything else is black
  • Instant Damage I-IV - The player will take damage, 1 heart for every level.
  • Black Stuff will almost always give you Blindness
    • This will result in a "Pure" Brew- They are usually the best.
      • Pure Dragonblood is considered the best brew possible, mostly giving Strength IV, Resistance and Fire Resistance.

Typically, the longer the Brew, the more likely it will give positive effects to the player.


Wood Planks

Rubber Wood

Wood Planks

Empty Booze Barrel

Empty Booze Barrel

Empty Booze Barrel