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Autocrafting Table
Grid Autocrafting Table.png
Autocrafting Table
Name Autocrafting Table
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance ?
Tool Any tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 502
Source Mod Buildcraft 3

Part of the Buildcraft mod, the autocrafting table is used to construct factories. It works like a regular workbench. You can place items in the autocrafting table and pull out the resulting item manually.

However, you can also insert and extract items with Pipes. This is where the autocrafting table gets its name. You can insert items into the table by connecting a pipe to it. You can extract items from any side with the use of a Wooden Transport Pipe and either a Redstone Engine, Stirling EngineCombustion Engine or Autarchic Gate. Each pulse of an engine pulls out one recipe's worth of items, even if the recipe makes multiple items.

Pipes pushing items in and pulling items out of the Autocrafting Table will always leave the template intact; they will never place an item in an empty slot in the input, nor will the last copy of a recipe be pulled out.

The autocrafting table can also pull raw materials out of a chest or barrel placed adjacent to it. Interestingly enough, if you use a minium stone in an autocrafting table, which requires at least one extra minium stone in a chest, the one in the table will not be damaged, but one of the minium stones in your chest will take the damage instead.

In Feed The Beast Ultimate v1.1.2 this bug exists: If an ME Export Bus is used to put items into the table, excess items will be removed from the ME-System, but they will be deleted entirely from the world. To recreate this behaviour, use a recipe with multiple item-types, like the Torch from Sticks and Coal. Attach one ME Import Bus and two ME Export Buses to the table and connect them correctly to an ME-System with sticks and coal stored. Set one ME Export Bus to export sticks and the other one to export coal. At this rate, Items are pulled at least as fast out of the table, as they are put into. Now add another ME Export Bus which exports coal. The coal-stack in the table will become bigger and bigger, until it reaches 64. At this point, every piece of coal which is added while the stack is full will be deleted. This process can be accelerated if the ME Export Buses which export coal are set to export full stacks. Then, the whole exported stack gets deleted.


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Wooden Gear

Crafting Table

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Wooden Gear

Autocrafting Table

Video Tutorial[]

A double sto


FTB Auscraft 4 Autocrafting Table manufacturing line

A simple way to automate the crafting process

ne slab manufacturing line using the Autocrafting table


FTB Unleashed Autocrafting Table Alternative

 In later versions of FTB, autocrafting tables are no longer

availiable. Watch the following video for a great alternative!

This video will show you how to use the autocrafting table by showing a simple factory that makes electronic circuits. FTB_Feed_The_Beast_Tutorial_-_Autocrafting_Table_and_a_Simple_Electronic_Circuit_Factory