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Asteroids are a natural occurrence in The End implemented by GregTech. They can spawn anywhere between Y-Level 10 to 246 and occur from every 20th to 100th chunk (not 100x100), making them a rare find.

Many asteroids contain various ores. It appears as if each asteroid may contain one vein, yet they can have more, or none.
2013-03-05 21.26.43

A very large asteroid

Asteroids cannot be found in The End in the FTB BETA A pack, as it uses an outdated GregTech version.

The ores that can be found in the Asteroids are:

  • Sheldonite ore - used for Platinum and Iridium nuggets. Asteroids usually have a single vein (2-5 ore) floating in the air. Big asteroids can have more than 1 vein and some don't have any.
  • Olivine ore - used for Olivine dust and Emerald dust
  • Tungstate ore - used for Tungsten dust, Magnesium dust, and Iron dust
  • Sodalite ore - used for Sodalite and Aluminium dust
  • One may also vary rarely find end hives on the tip of the Asteroids