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Apiarist's Backpack
Type Storage
Data Value 13260
Source Mod Forestry

If you want to keep your collection of bees with you at anytime or just need to handle a lot of drones when strolling through your bee farm installation, you should take a look at the Apiarist's Backpack. Store up to 125 stacks of bees in it and use the built-in genome analyzer and breeding tracker to give you some information on what bees best to mate.



  • I. Inventory:
    Stores your bees at 25 stacks per page on a total of five pages. Flip through the pages using the controls above.
  • II. Breed Information:
    Provides you with information and breeding tracking. Hover above any bee stack in your inventory or the displayed chest inventory to get more detailed information. The primary species is displayed above, the secondary below. Below the species name you will see icons representing other bee species that were successfully mated with this species to produce another. A question mark signifies a combination that has not yet been discovered by you.