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Alumentum in flight


  1. Alumentum looks similar to Nitor, with a more grey texture, however they serve a completely different purpose. When you right click with Alumentum, you throw it, and upon landing it will explode. The radius of the explosion is only 3 blocks, and it isn't powerful enough to destroy stone. On the other hand, it's a very handy long-ranged weapon. It can be used as fuel that lasts long enough to smelt 32 items, 4 times more than coal. As fuel, this is equal to one piece of Coal Coke from Railcraft. This is less efficient though, as Coal Coke only requires one piece of coal and time while Alumentum requires aspects that would be equal to 3 pieces of coal as well as a source of Fractus.

In order to make Alumentum, put the following Aspects into the crucible:

3 Fractus

6 Ignis

6 Potentia To finish, right click the crucible with your wand, this consumes 5 vis.


An alternative fuel source to coal or charcoal. Alumentum can smelt up to 32 items in a standard furnace, which is 4x the duration of normal coal. It can also be used as a low intensity explosive when thrown (right-click) from your inventory.

Tier 1
Required Research: None

Aspects Required (Warning Spoilers)

Aspect Potentia.png Potentia
Aspect Ignis.png Ignis
Aspect Fractus.png Fractus

Thaumonomicon Entry

This substance throbs with fiery energy and it is more than eager to release the energy at the slightest bump. It may be unstable, but it would probably make a good source of fuel.

It is probably not a good idea to throw it against a solid surface unless you enjoy explosions. Cheaper than Coal to make EU in IC2 mod. Produces 16k EU using 3 Coal and 3 Cobble.