Advanced Machines is an add-on for IndustrialCraft2. It adds upgraded versions of the Macerator, Extractor, and Compressor. This add-on was originally created by a user on the IC² forums known as Zippinus

Similar to the Induction Furnace of IndustrialCraft 2, these machines increase their own speed over time when you use them. If the machine is empty, the speed will decrease by default. The machines' momentum can be kept and built up with a redstone signal; however, this will consume more EU in the process.

By default, Advanced Machines will consume 36 EU/t while charging, idling, or processing items. The default maximum processing speed is 64 item every 0.6 seconds.

Placing a redstone signal directly next to the machine will cause the machine to keep its charge when not processing an item.

Reference Industrial Craft² Add-On Forum PostEdit

A spreadsheet that should (as of 3.5b) accurately compare the IC2 machines to Advanced Machines in terms of power consumption and Overclockers

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