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Advanced Machine Block
Block Advanced Machine Block.png
Type Machine Component
Tool Grid Wrench (IndustrialCraft).png
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 617:12
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

Similar to the way the Machine Block is the basic component for all Tier 1 IndustrialCraft2 Machines, the Advanced Machine Block is the most basic component of all Tier 2 IC2 Machines.

In order to create Advanced Machine Blocks, you need to have some established machinery first. A Macerator, or some other source of Bronze Ingots, is required to make Mixed Metal Ingots, which are then compressed in either a Rolling Machine or a Compressor to make Advanced Alloy. These Machines are also necessary for crafting Carbon Plates.


2. Advanced Alloy

2. Carbon Plate

1. Machine Block

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy

Machine Block

Advanced Alloy

Carbon Plate

Advanced Machine Block

Used in Crafting[]

Basic crafting , Raw material needed: 16 coal , 11 iron , 4.5 tin , 4.5 copper , 23600 EU (11 smelts ,16 marcerating ,4 compressing ) tin copper can be reduced by using different ingot on top , invard ingot is recommanded . 3 Tin can be replaced by Zinc, aluminum etc. And using aluminum can reduce the copper , iron/ invard ingot used. EU needed will increase if overclocker is used for a higher speed , but will be lowered with a higher tier device . The advanced machine block can be replaced by a bit less resource consuming steel hull . Which need 16 coal , 8.25 iron , 0.9375 copper , 1.875 rubber , 0.625 redstone . But consume a lot of EU (approximate 150000, due to the energy needed to blast up the steel)