Advanced Chainsaw
Grid Advanced Chainsaw
Name Advanced Chainsaw
Type Tool
Max Energy 15,000
Stackable No
Data Value 30479
Source Mod GraviSuite

The Advanced Chainsaw is an upgrade from the regular Chainsaw which requires a Diamond and Overclocker Upgrades. It can store 15,000 EU (5,000 more than the regular Chainsaw) and mines through blocks 35% faster than a normal chainsaw. However, it also consumes twice the EU per block destruction. Like the chainsaw, it can also be used as a weapon. However, while the Chainsaw does 10 damage (5 hearts) per hit, the Advanced Chainsaw does 12 (6 hearts) of damage per hit, making it a weapon able to kill Zombies (health 20 armour 2) in two hits. This makes it far more effective than the diamond sword. The Advanced Chainsaw is also an effective alternative to shears. It has infinite durability yet will require regular recharging. It can be recharged in a MFE and better, can draw power from a LapPack or better.


It has a capacity of 15,000 EU.

It costs 100 EU to break a block.

It costs 200 EU to attack an entity, causing 12 damage (6 hearts).

It, although being a weapon, cannot block.


Crafting GUI.png

Overclocker Upgrade

Advanced Circuit



Overclocker Upgrade

Overclocker Upgrade

Advanced Circuit

Advanced Chainsaw

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