Grid Acclimatiser

This machine is used to adjust a bee's Temperature and Humidity tolerances.

Acclimatiser craft

how to craft an acclimatiser

The video shows an old version of crafting. The new version needs:

2 glass pane

1 lava bucket

2 enhanced circuit board

1 reinforced casing

2 water bucket

1 bronze gear

Acclimatiser use

how to use the acclimatiser

Clicking on the green question mark will tell you how to get information, which is to hold down the tab key while using the mouse.

The bee goes in any slot on the left hand side. This will move it to the centre slot.

The items for acclimatising goe in the set of 3 slots. The image shows sand and lava buckets to adjust for temperature and humidity (I was in the desert).

For temperature adjustment, the following items can be placed into the left slot and consumed:

For humidity, these can be used.

(Please note that items are consumed, e.g. you won't get buckets back.)

Chance of successful adjustment appears to be random.

The maximum that the Acclimatiser can get a Rocky Bee to is Both 5 Tolerances.

The Acclimatiser has an internal energy storage of 1,000 MJ, a maximum input of 50 MJ/t, and uses 2.5 MJ/t.


Acclimatiser - How to FTB in Minecraft - 50

Acclimatiser - How to FTB in Minecraft - 50


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