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This is an Unoffical trailer of the Direwolf20 Feed The Beast Mod Pack. The mod pack can be accessed through the FTB launcher which can be found here:

World download:

Behind the scenes:

Thanks to all the rig builders who helped me build the rig this trailer is recorded in. It would've been a lot of work to do everything myself. Thanks guys.

Gory_Moon Dutchie169 BlackoutIsHere Petter Karlsten Vswe

The music is scored especially for the trailer by my good friend Petter Karlsten. If you want anything done for a video/game you can mail him on He also have a brand new youtube page where he will post more of his work in the future. Go and subscribe to keep up to date:

I also want to thank BlackoutIsHere again since he provided us with a server to build on. The trailer wasn't actually recorded on the server but it allowed all the builders to build together on the server.

To record the trailer I used Fraps. You can get a trial version for free at

To get a good recording we had to make sure the camera was where we wanted it to be. A three and a half minute shot is not a short take. To manage this I made the Steve's Handycam mod that allowed us to set tons of waypoints which the camera flew between at set speeds. To get it done faster the mod is ugly coded and therefore not for public use.

Everything was edited in the end with Adobe Premiere 11. This does however not include the scoring of the music. If you want to know what softwares have been used there you have to contact Petter who scored the music.

Lastly I, Vswe, organized this whole thing. It took a long time but I got a lot of help and I thank you all for that. I hope you enjoyed the trailer, I certainly enjoyed making it. Thanks.


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